Good with words? Handy with a camera? Know a thing or two about pixels and vectors? We want to meet you!

We want to meet you!

We’re looking for writers and visual artists of all types. Tacoma has a lot of stories to tell and we’re here to provide a platform to share them.

What are you passionate about? What intrigues you? What do you have access to that no one else does? Send us your best story pitches along with some writing samples and let’s get those stories told.

Real estate and weddings are great business but they’re not for everyone. If you’ve got an interesting perspective on Tacoma, we want to see it. If you’ve got an idea that’s been running around your brain for a while, set it free. Send us your pitches, some past work, and/or your portfolio.

Tired of doodling strangers at the bus stop and having nowhere to show them off? Maybe some stories just don’t play well with photos? Either way, we want to see your portfolio.

Graphic designers:
Everyone needs a good graphic designer in their lives. Make that Adobe CC subscription worthwhile and show us what you’ve got.

Marketing/social media managers:
Can you tweet with your left hand while posting on Instagram with your right? Do you dream in hashtags? Do you harness Facebook algorithms like a pro-level bull rider? Shoot us an email and show us how it’s done.

Sand mandala artists, brutalist sculptors, Ken Burns wannabes, and everyone else: We’re open minded people. If you have an idea that doesn’t easily fit into a category, we still want to hear about it.

Send pitches, portfolios, resumes, and clever GIFs to