Hard Copy 1: Bootleg Edition


Our first Hard Copy magazine was printed with a limited number of 253 copies and it sold out before it even went to print. It’s been a year since then and a lot of you have been FOMOing pretty hard.

We decided to do a modified reprint on the anniversary for all you poor suckers who missed out on the first round.

What will be the same:

  • – All the original stories
  • – All the low-brow jokes in the back
  • – The original Giant Pacific Octopus poster by Dakota Harr


What will be different:

  • – A couple typos that we missed the first time around
  • – A “Bootleg Edition” addition to the front cover


Out of stock? We’re scrambling to get more copies printed ASAP. The second batch of Hard Copy 1: Bootleg Edition will be ready to ship out before the end of July (possibly earlier, but we don’t want to make any big promises).