Hard Copy 6


Our sixth print issue is printed, stitched, embossed, enveloped, and ready to roll out!

As you may have heard, this issue features articles about…

—the story behind Tacoma’s stencil boy

—a piece on the high number of homicides that happened here in 2019

—a look at what the hell is up with the city of Takoma (not a typo)

—useless yet entertaining facts about our City of Destiny

—and more

Plus, each Hard Copy 6 magazine comes with an 11×17 digital print of a day-to-night photograph by Marvin Freeman!


Need more than one of our Hard Copy issues? Use coupon code SAVE5 to save $5 on your purchase of multiple copies.

Questions? Email editor@gritcitymag.com before ordering.


Out of stock? We’re scrambling to get more copies printed ASAP. The second batch of Hard Copy 6 will be ready to ship out before the end of July (possibly earlier, but we don’t want to make any big promises).