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Hard Copy 3: Honey at Alma Mater Purchase


Not a big fan of mail theft? Impatient AF? Here’s how to get a Grit City Magazine Hard Copy 3 right now.

  1. Go to Honey Coffee + Kitchen at Alma Mater.
  2. Pull this item up on your phone, tablet, laptop, or other such comparable device.
  3. Add this item to your cart and checkout. See how there’s no shipping fee? Yay!
  4. Stroll on over to the Honey checkout counter. Show them your purchase receipt. Consider grabbing a coffee or a beer. (The pastries are particularly tasty.)
  5. Get excited as the Honey staff unlocks the display cabinet and pulls out the giant, stamped Grit City Magazine envelope that is now officially yours!

(And this fancy 11×17 poster is, too! They’re both in your envelope.)

A short FAQ to clear anything else up…

When is Honey open?
Monday – Wednesday 7am-4pm
Thursday and Friday 7am-10pm
Saturday 8am-10pm
Sunday 9am-4pm

Where are they located?
1322 South Fawcett Avenue, Tacoma

I’m not at Honey. Can I purchase now and pick it up later?
Nope. Sorry. All purchases must be picked up immediately.

I have more questions.
Alrighty. Shoot them to and we’ll help you out.

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