Our Twenty Second Magazine! This one sets a high bar for anything we do in the future. In-your-face ringside photos and storytelling about one of Tacoma’s many accomplished boxers, a powerful story that exposes the inner workings of homelessness like nothing you’ve ever read, what it’s like to live with schizoaffective disorder, and a whole stack of other brilliant pieces. Here’s everything you’ll find in HC22:

  • Occurence at Dune Peninsula
  • The Boxer
  • Around the World and Back Again: The B&I Public Marketplace
  • Soul Cancer
  • Invisible Men
  • The Red Cedar and the Railroad
  • Tacoma Cemetery Nature Walk: Winter & Spring
  • Hard Knocks Part V
  • Heat Sensitive Mood Paper
  • A Black Artist in the Northwest


Hard Copy 22 also comes with an 11×14 print by local artist, Rodney H. King!


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