If each issue took a year, this magazine would finally be able to drink booze! OK, awkward comparison but hey, this is our 21st Hard Copy Magazine! In this issue you’ll learn about one of the most notorious baseball players in history, how the Pacific Northwest’s frontier mystique influenced pop culture, and what it’s like to work as a Death Doula in Tacoma. Here’s the whole list of what you’ll find:

  • Gaylord Perry, the Spitball, and Tacoma
  • Scooter Culture
  • Strange New World
  • You’re Going to Die: Ask Me How I Know
  • Culpepper Books
  • Some Other Rainy City
  • What Does Tacoma Mean to You
  • Hard Knocks Part IV
  • 1950s Evacuation Map
  • Recognizing Water


Hard Copy 21 also comes with an 11×14 print by local artist, Mary Mann!


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