Can you believe we’ve made 20 of these things?! We’ve come a long way and it just keeps getting better. In this issue you’ll find a detailed look at some of the flora, fauna, and residents of the Tacoma Cemetery, compelling reasons why you should give a shit about City Council meetings, a deep dive into the inner workings of Tacoma’s “Homeless Industrial Complex,” and a completely unprofessional horoscope. Here’s the rest of what you’ll find:


  • Tacoma Cemetery Nature Walk: Summer & Fall
  • Presidents Suck, But Don’t Yell at Them To Help Tacoma
  • Tacoma Has Always Been Rainy
  • Seeking Friends in Tacoma
  • Colliding in Place
  • Tacoma State of Mind
  • On Sobbing While Pole Dancing and The Divine Feminine
  • Hard Knocks Part III
  • Tacoma horoscope
  • Painting Through the Darkness

Hard Copy 20 also comes with an 11×17 print by local artist, Elexia Johnson!


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