Missed out on getting Hard Copy 2 the first time around? We now have a limited number of copies available!

As you may recall, it’s the one with these spreads…

Like all of our magazines, here’s what you can expect:

• Content: funny content, compelling content, pretty darn cool content.

• All of it about Tacoma.

• It’s the kind of thing you hang on to. We’re talking coffee table level material.

• Plus, you can feel all kinds of warm and fuzzy inside for helping us keep the lights on. If you love what we’ve been doing so far we would super appreciate you supporting us continuing on.

• As a thank you we’ll be including an 11×17 print of the custom Tacoma-themed artwork pictured here, that was created by Homage Tattoo.

All copies purchased via this listing will be mailed out in 3-4 business days.

For those wondering, yes—that back cover is totally a reprint of a Beautiful Angle poster. We are beyond thrilled Tom Llewellyn and Lance Kagey agreed to share their Tacoma toast in our second print edition.

Questions? Please email editor@gritcitymag.com before placing an order.