Cleverly/confusingly disguised as the envelope it comes in, Hard Copy 18 shares the story of a doomed makeshift community on the tide flats and examines the hilariously awkward laws governing adult entertainment in Tacoma. You’ll also find all of these:


  • Five Mile Drive
  • Tales of a Tacoma Charter Dive Boat
  • Cast of Thousands Studio
  • Burning Hollywood
  • Discernibly Turgid: The Awkward Legalities of Tacoma’s Adult Entertainment Industry
  • How to be a Californian in Tacoma
  • Stories From the Neighbors
  • Hard Knocks Part I
  • Inside the Mind of Jerome Trescott
  • All the Grit City Business Names That Shouldn’t Exist

Hard Copy 18 also comes with an 11×17 print by local artist, Jerome Trescott!


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