While each of our Hard Copy issues is precious in its own way, we went all out for Hard Copy 10.

With the help of Lance Kagey we letterpress printed all the covers for our initial run of magazines. Each one is slightly unique, and once they’re gone we’ll switch to a digital print. So, hop on it if you want the super fancy special edition version.

In this issue you’ll find pieces like…

– A Night of Squid Jigging on Les Davis Pier

– Tahoma Doesn’t Love Us

– You’ll Like Tacoma: Booster Songs of the City of Destiny

– I Spy, With My Little Eye—One Dumpster Fire

– and more!

…plus each issue comes with a separate 11×17 print by Amy Lewis!

If you’re interested in getting all of our upcoming quarterly magazines consider signing up for a subscription.

Questions? Please email editor@gritcitymag.com before ordering. Thanks!