It’s the gift that keeps on giving throughout 2021!

Purchase this item for a friend, relative, or your crotchety old neighbor that always has something bad to say about Tacoma—and we’ll send them our next four Hard Copy magazines.

Issue 10 is due to ship out in mid-December. That is the first one they’ll receive. Then they’ll also get our upcoming issues in late March, June, and September.

[Sample photos from previous issues below.]

People have some pretty nice things to say about our oversized 11×14 magazines. Some have even gone as far as to say they’re more like a book or piece of art. That’s probably because they’re ad-free, are full of high quality photography and illustrations, and we stitch and emboss them ourselves. Then we give each one a hug and tuck it into its own stamped envelope.

Each magazine also comes with an 11×17 Tacoma-themed poster made by a Tacoma artist.

Want to stock up on past issues? Find set 1-5 here, and set 6-10 here.

Got a question? Shoot it over to editor@gritcitymag.com and we’ll help you out.

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