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18 inch Tacoma Map


So you’ve tried your hand at the real estate game but you still can’t figure out how to buy the entire city of Tacoma. You’ve been passed up year after year for the “Key to the City” award. You want Tacoma to be all yours but you just can’t make it happen. Well worry not, friend. We’ve got you covered.

With this 18in x 18in- print of Tacoma hanging on your wall, you can now proudly proclaim to all your roommates and visitors, “Look at my Tacoma! It’s ALL MINE!”

Other clever ideas for your map:

— Trace the roads with a highlighter to track your “Drive on every road in Tacoma” New Year’s resolution.

— Throw darts at it and make friends with whoever lives in the house you land on.

— Use it to give convoluted directions with a laser pointer.

FYI, frame not included.


Questions? Email editor@gritcitymag.com before ordering.