7 Types of Tacoma Weather

March 19, 2018 0

Many think of Northwest weather as a wet, grey homogenous blob. Not so! This Northwest native will tell you it changes by the minute and, good or bad, it’ll keep you on your toes. On great days it’ll remind you why you live here, but on bad days it’ll make you appreciate passing through the…

By Colin Andersen

Forget Hibachi, Mandolin Restaurant and Steak House Has the Teppanyaki You’re Looking For

March 2, 2018 0

There are few dining experiences that thrill the taste buds while entertaining the diner quite like teppanyaki. No, I didn’t mean to say hibachi cooking of Benihana fame. Here’s why: Hibachi barbecue grills use charcoal or gas flame and feature open grate design. Teppanyaki grills, on the other hand, have a solid griddle-type cook surface,…

By Sara Kay

Think Your Potholes are Bad? Check These Out

February 28, 2018 0

Here’s the backstory: People talk a lot about busted roads in Tacoma but this 500 foot strip of awful is literally more patch than road at this point. The potholes are so deep you can actually damage your chassis if you don’t navigate them properly. Its infamy is so widespread that, in years past, whenever there was a paving project elsewhere in the city that ended up with surplus asphalt, the crews would bring the extras here to dump into the potholes.

By Sierra Hartman