Wright Park Past, Present and Future: Behind the Scenes of One of Tacoma’s Most Beloved Parks

November 13, 2017 2

“It is the city’s responsibility to preserve a place where the people can get recreation, where children from the congested districts can congregate without danger, and where mothers, nurses, and invalids can find a healthful resort during mid-day without being cramped for space or menaced by shows and their consequent temptations to spend their spare…

By Casey O'Brien

Outdoor Boudoir: More than One Type of Bunny to Be Found on Point Defiance’s Trails

November 3, 2017 0

Tacoma resident Samantha is far from the only person to take to Point Defiance’s trails with a camera in hand, but she may be alone in bringing a bunny—decidedly not of the cottontail variety—along with her. The 27-year-old creative force behind Skellington Artistry has begun taking boudoir to the outdoors, and the resulting images present…

By Sara Kay

The Path Less Beaten Part 6: Kobayashi Park

October 23, 2017 1

Of all the trails in this collection, this one is probably the most well known. Nonetheless, you won’t find any useful trail maps online and the park itself is hidden in a neighborhood with no signage on the main road. The land was previously owned by the Kobayashi family who donated it to the city when they moved to Japan. The picnic shelters next to the parking lot are the hollowed out remnants of their home.

By Sierra Hartman

The Path Less Beaten Part 5: Point Defiance 2.5 Mile Marker

October 18, 2017 0

Despite this being a properly maintained trail that actually exists on most maps, it’s still very lightly used compared to other nearby trails in Point Defiance. It’s more of a shortcut than a standalone trail but the shortcut it provides is the real fun part that makes it worth mentioning. Most beach walkers start at the more popular Owen Beach. This puts you out more than half a mile closer to the point.

By Sierra Hartman