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Video: A 2:53 Update On Point Defiance Construction

February 16, 2018 1

Head down to the Point Defiance area and you’ll find construction happening all over the place. Between multiple projects going on at the zoo and aquarium, and a major overhaul of the Point Defiance/Ruston connection (more below) there’s plenty to see. That’s why Reddit user SummitDweller took his drone out to capture the progress recently—and what…

By Sara Kay

Wright Park Past, Present and Future: Behind the Scenes of One of Tacoma’s Most Beloved Parks

November 13, 2017 0

“It is the city’s responsibility to preserve a place where the people can get recreation, where children from the congested districts can congregate without danger, and where mothers, nurses, and invalids can find a healthful resort during mid-day without being cramped for space or menaced by shows and their consequent temptations to spend their spare…

By Casey O'Brien