Best Christmas Lights in Tacoma 2023

Thank you to everyone who submitted suggestions this year! We got more than usual so some of them will have to wait until next year. The ones I did get to, though, should be enough to keep you sufficiently dazzled.

All the houses from years past are on the master list as well as all the new stuff listed below. As always, please be respectful of private property, drive like you’re the only one paying attention, and if you have any good houses to add to the list, be sure to drop a comment below.

I’d also like to try something new this year. If any of these houses stand out to you, even if it’s one of the less extravagant ones, I invite you to take a couple minutes and write them a letter. It can be as simple as, “Thanks for the pretty lights!” If you have kids who are old enough to write a thank you note or scribble a picture, that’s even better.

Knowing that your efforts brought someone joy—especially someone you don’t even know—is one of the greatest feelings you can have. The people who put up these displays do it out of love for our community, pure and simple, and it would be great to reflect some of that back to them.

517 S 70th St.

If you’re into rainbow lights, you’re gonna love this house. Some of them change color, some are static, but they’re all quite vibrant.

5428 S Thompson Ave.

The main attraction on this house is the giant color changing flagpole tree. It’s a good one to cruise by slowly so the littles in the back seat can get a good view.

2218 S Melrose St.

This one has some really unique contrast with the warm yellows and the cool purples.

3911 S 7th St.

It’s always fun to see displays that cross the sidewalk too, so if you have time, it’s worth it to get out and stand in front of the house for a minute. There’s also a very vocal cat who might come out and say hello.

2910 N 28th St.

You’ll see one of these houses coming from down the block but it’s worth turning the corner to get a good look at both of them, as well as the nice view of the port in the distance. There’s a cul-de-sac at the bottom of the hill so you can turn around easily.

4102 N 31st St.

The bare trees along the road look really cool against the bright houses here. It wraps all the way around the corner so if you’re coming from Proctor, you’ll get a good view.

3902 N Proctor St.

This little cul-de-sac almost feels like a private driveway but it really is just the northern end of Proctor St. The loopy dangle lights are nice to see on the two giant hedges but, if I may make a suggestion to the property owner, the huge rhododendron bush would look perfect with a couple monster eyeballs (see artist’s rendering).

4116 N Mason Ave.

This house is absolutely bonkers. Someone walked into the synchronized lights store and said, “Gimme one of everything.” I purposely chose a couple photos that don’t show the whole thing because you really just have to see it in person. 

The playlist (preview here) has everything from rom Christmas Tree Farm by Taylor Swift to Dominick the Donkey by Lou Monte.

The homeowner had some details to share too: Mason Ave Light Show. Every 30 minutes between 7PM and 10PM, the last show starts at 9:30. Tune your car radio to 99.5 FM. Birthday song every night at 8:59. Seattle Kraken static display on game nights between 10 and 10:10.

4121 Madrona Way

If you’re feeling over stimulated after the Mason Avenue light show, right around the corner you’ll find this nice palate cleansing display.

5334 N 47th St.

Just a couple blocks south of Ruston, this house took what would seem like a chaotic bunch of decorations and somehow made it work. You’ll see it from the end of the block and it’s well worth a stop.

6328 N Hale St.

Right on the corner of 5 Views and Hale are a pair of houses that really complement each other. If it’s a competition, it looks like a pretty friendly one. The one on the uphill side has trees wrapped out on the traffic strip too so if you’re looking for a spot to get a picture under some glowing trees, this is your spot.

4910 N Vassault St.

This wasn’t on my list to check out but it really stood out when I was on my way to another house nearby. I just loved the way it all glowed purple and I thought it was worth mentioning.

4827 N Vassault St.

Red and white alternating lights is a solid middle ground between chaotic rainbow and stoic white. This house does it nicely with cedar garland on the fence.

3214 N Vassault St.

With all the technologically advanced perfect cone trees out there, it’s really nice to see a couple proper big trees with some good old fashioned big bulb strings wrapped all the way up to the top. Big shout out to whoever spent an entire weekend on a ladder putting these up.

2410 N Stevens St.

Last year we found the South Tacoma Krampus and now he’s got a North End buddy! This house also had a Mari Lwyd (pronounced Mah-ree Loid) last year but it was replaced by a creative Christmas rendition of Cerberus which the owner calls Santa Cerb. Fair warning, if you’re not into Krampus you’re not going to want to research Mari Lwyd.

Since it’s hard to see from the sidewalk, the homeowner said it’s OK to come into the yard to get a better look at Krampus. Please be respectful and careful of the plants, though.

  1. There are a couple neighboring houses on North 31st between Orchard & Stevens that have beautiful, over the top displays every year! I can’t believe they’re not on this list yet!

    Merry Christmas🎄🎄🎄

  2. You missed a couple huge ones in South Tacoma. There’s one on 34th and K with a huge programmed light display. It syncs to a radio station. Then another about a block east.

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