Best Christmas Lights in Tacoma 2022

We added a bunch of new houses to the list this year but we’re trying something new with this one. Instead of covering a whole range of the city, we focused on the southeast neighborhoods.

There are still a lot of good houses going from years past in different neighborhoods so we wanted you to be able to build your own itinerary. We put everything into a single map with layers for each year. We left out houses that we know are no longer doing their thing but we can’t vouch 100% for years past. It’s all part of the adventure, though, right?

As always, please be respectful of private property, drive like you’re the only one paying attention, and if you have any good houses to add to the list, be sure to drop a comment below.

1804 80th St E

This house is off the beaten path but it’s a nice hidden gem. The street is quite dark so the lights really pop. Keep in mind that there’s nowhere easy to park and there are no sidewalks to walk on. This is a slow cruise “ooh” and “ahh” kind of house.

7827 Park Ave. S

This house was on our first map back in 2017. Someone told me the owner, Joanne, has been building her decoration collection for the last 40 years.

7236 Tacoma Ave S

This is, admittedly, on the simple end of Christmas light displays. However, for the Star Wars nerds among us, this house is a must-see.

6446 S Oakes St

If the whole Santa thing is a little too soft for you, check out the 10-foot Krampus at the corner of 64th and Oakes. The creator is Norwegian and went all out with rune stones, a “Letters to Oden” mailbox, and a Gledelig Jul sign over the front gate.

7015 Park Ave. S

We haven’t confirmed this with The Vatican but it’s safe to assume that Pope St. John XXIII is the Patron Saint of bright lights and tinsel. The 100+ LED floodlights strung across the front of this church are likely visible from space. Add an enormous glittering foil tree with a flashing star on top and it’s like staring the Holy Spirit right in the face.

410 S 52nd St

You gotta love a good blue house. There are a few others around Tacoma but this one has really good coverage with arches over the sidewalk and everything.

4018 S D St

This is absolutely someone winning an argument about how often they’ll actually use a 12-foot skeleton with blinking eyes. The lights aren’t exceptional on this house but the skeletal Santa could easily become a core Christmas memory for whichever kid is sitting on that side of the car. There are also a few other pretty good houses in the neighborhood. PS- I’m coming back in April and I expect to see some giant bunny ears, a basket of colored ostrich eggs, and a fluffy white tail on that skeleton.

3812 E B St

Near the dead end of East B Street lies a house of mystery. A triangular roof decorated with reptilian scales and capped by an All-Seeing Eye, a circular portal with a large glowing lock guarding the entrance, ominous dangling spikes strung across the yard—clearly this is some sort of Illuminati shrine. Proceed with caution…

3576 Fawcett Ave

This is just wholesome AF. It may not be the most extravagant house on the list but a whole handmade Charlie Brown choir deserves a shoutout. The neighbors also put on a decent show with a giant inflatable yeti and a homemade Jack Skellington.

3401 S J St

This one is really fun. With lights running off the chimney in the center of the roof, the whole thing looks like some kind of wild night circus. It’s also set high off the road so it’s more visible for littles in the back seat that can’t easily see out the windows.

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