All the Tacoma Bernie Mitten Photos No One Asked For

Bernie Sanders is having a hard couple of days. He’s out there encouraging Amazon workers in their efforts to unionize, pushing for a $15 federal minimum wage, and trying to stave off the impending doom of global climate change. 

And all anyone cares about are his silly mittens and slouchy folding chair. Poor Bernie…

Really though, a good hearty giggle is always good for the soul and this isn’t by far the worst thing The Internet has ever decided to grant viral status to.

So, in the interest of humorous stress relief, here are a few examples of what it might look like if Bernie Sanders came to Tacoma and decided to take a load off.

Too soon? ? Bernie, if you see this one, we’re sorry. Mostly…

Here are a few more we found from around the city:

Photos by Sara Kay / Photoshop Kung Fu by Sierra Hartman

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