It’s Time You Heard the Puyallup Tribe’s Version of Tacoma’s History

145 years ago today, the City of Tacoma was officially incorporated. This came only 23 years after the first Euro-American settlement on Commencement Bay in 1852. 77 years before that, the first Europeans set foot on what is now Washington state, out on the coast at Point Grenville.

All of this is well documented in history books and online resources. The problem is that the vast majority of this history was documented by Euro-American settlers for Euro-American settlers. The perspectives and experiences of the indigenous peoples who lived through this time were either minimized, suppressed, or ignored altogether.

We talk a lot about Tacoma’s history but today we want to share a project that the Puyallup Tribe recently released. It tells the story from their perspective in their voice. Please take some time to watch it, consider the questions that come up, and share with your friends.

You will find our history of factual events is much different than the history shared with the general public.

We are sharing our story to add to your understanding of our people, coming from our own voices.

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  1. Out of all the article’s GCM has published this is probably my favorite by far.
    Thank You for allowing us too see just a glimmer into the rich history of the Native American people that have always called this land Home. I would love to hear more stories and learn more about the history of the people of our land. It is truly sad and I feel so ashamed for what has happened to their culture and history.
    I am in aw at how educated they were and how many languages they were able to speak. It is sad to admit, but I do not know about my ancestors or family history. I have been trying for years to teach myself how to speak the language of the Samoan people which has been very difficult, and although I have learned a lot I still have do much to learn. So I can not imagine the time and dedication it would take to learn multiple languages and I have so much respect for that.

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