Make Some Flowers, Share the Love #HOPEGROWSHERE

Isolation is hard on the human psyche under the best of circumstances. When you’re working 12 hours at a time, day after day, in the midst of an ever-evolving global health crisis, isolation can take a major toll. In that situation, simply knowing other people are thinking about you can make a big difference.

People everywhere are going out of their way to help our medical workers any way they can, donating everything from spare masks to coffee shop gift cards. A lot of us are stuck at home, though, with little or nothing to give.

But we can all give thanks.

Two weeks ago, Multicare reached out to the clever folks at Rotator Creative with a simple question: how could we engage our community, giving people a sense of solidarity, while also showing support for frontline caregivers?

We all put our brains together and eventually came up with an idea for a community garden of thankfulness. In 1965, Lady Bird Johnson said, “Where flowers bloom so does hope.” And thus, Hope Grows Here was born.

A handful of talented artists were commissioned to create window gardens around town in highly visible locations to help spread the word. Multicare has created a hub for the community to share words of encouragement with healthcare workers, find volunteer and donation needs, and view a gallery of other #HOPEGROWSHERE photos from around the city.

Here’s where you come in.

We want this to be big. We want this to be Europeans-applauding-from-their-balconies big. We want the flowers in Tacoma’s front windows to rival the overflowing cherry blossoms on the Eastside and North End. And we want all the vital workers out there to see them and know they’re appreciated. 

This city’s healthcare workers are bearing the brunt of this pandemic for sure. But keep in mind that there are lots of other people doing hard work to keep this city running while the rest of us stay home. So think about it, pull out the art box, and show your neighbors who you’re thankful for.

If you’re not feeling up for creating your own display, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Download a printable coloring book designed by Nina Hartman and put those coloring skills to work. And don’t forget to share your contribution on social media with #HOPEGROWSHERE.

Here’s some inspiration:

Window installations by Chris Sharp, Nina Hartman, and Katie Dean

Photos by Sierra Hartman

  1. Love this idea. We did one in our front window. If you deliver paper, we’ll do one to be placed elsewhere.

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