You Might Not Expecto a Tacoma Harry Potter Page, But Here We Are

There are many who’ve taken a look at Stadium High School and noticed its resemblance to Hogwarts, but only one guy is going the extra mile to make a little Harry Potter wizardry happen in our City of Destiny.

Meet Mike Thomas, who’s doing some pretty damn magical things with his Expecto Tacoma Instagram account.

A music therapist at MultiCare, Mike was inspired by Tacoma’s architecture.

“Of course, Stadium High School is infamous for its resemblance to Hogwarts,” he told us. “That got me thinking about what other Tacoma locales resemble wizarding locations. The N Yakima footbridge is on my running route, and I can’t help but thinking I’m on the footbridge to Hogwarts castle while I’m on it.”

People have been pretty stoked to stumble across Expecto Tacoma. “They keep telling me not to stop. I think people like how playful it is,” Mike shared. “Plus, it makes people stop and see Tacoma in a new way.”

“Obviously, I’m in LOVE with Harry Potter,” he replied when I dared to ask.

“I started reading the books when I was 8, and haven’t stopped loving them since. I dress up as Harry Potter every Halloween, and make sure that there’s one subtle nod to Harry Potter in every room of my home. I also collect the books in different languages. I love how artists from different countries envision the story.”

Along with the fun images, Mike includes some info about where they’re taken:

Why go to the effort of taking and editing photos plus researching the history’s location? Mike says he hopes it “helps people see a little magic in the everyday. And I hope it makes people love Tacoma even more! I’m in love with this city!”

Be sure to follow @expectotacoma on Instagram to see what Harry Potter/Tacoma mashups Mike comes up with next.

Got a suggestion of where he should do a shoot? Drop it in a comment below and we’ll pass it his way.

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