Grit City Magazine Does the Grit City Podcast

Last week we met up with the guys from the Grit City Podcast because, well, we’ve got the same name and we all figured it was about time we hung out.

We weren’t sure exactly what to expect so we brought a few beers from 7 Seas and a few extra koozies. That’s pretty much our answer to any amount of uncertainty. It ended up being really fun and we found we had a lot of similar interests in all things Tacoma.

We met them at the historic and stylish Union Club on Broadway and got a tour of what’s now a collection of coworking spaces. We started out talking about our basic origin stories then went over a few of our favorite adventures and what’s coming next for the magazine.

GCP ran their first episode in 2014 and they’ve been talking about all the great people and things in Tacoma ever since. If you like what you heard and you want some insider goodies, you might consider supporting them via Patreon.

If you don’t like what you heard, you might consider supporting them anyway since it was probably our fault you weren’t super entertained. Either way, thanks for listening and be sure to check out the rest of their shows.

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