Where to Go for the Best Christmas Light Displays in Tacoma 2018

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Everyone has their favorite Christmas light houses in Tacoma but sometimes they’re hard to find in unfamiliar neighborhoods. So we built on our list from last year and put together a new treasure map of all the best light displays around Tacoma.

You can plug this map into your phone or just cruise by the closest ones to you. There are certainly more out there hiding so leave your local favorites in the comments and share the joy!

S Oakes and S 66th

There are a few nice houses between here and 68th.

S 64th and S Montgomery

This one is worth stopping at for a while. Be sure to tune your radio to 100.3 FM to get the full synchronized effect.

Fawcett Ave and S 48th

This one is just beautiful. No fancy LED shows, just a good old fashioned Griswold house. Lonnie and his mother Eleanor have been putting them up for years. He said he has no idea how many lights there are in total but it takes him a month to put them all up.

2907 S Puget Sound Ave (near Union and WA-16)

If your kids aren’t impressed with nodding robotic reindeer and all the lit up inflatables blew away in the wind storm, take them to this house. As far as we can tell, it’s on a public road but it also feels a lot like a driveway so be respectful of the residents. There’s a spot to park in front of the house and you’re gonna want to hang out for a while to watch. Tune to 89.1 FM and get your amazed face ready.

S 18th and S Union

The whole property of the Life Center is decorated in classy white lights but the stretch of 18th east of Union has a long row of nicely wrapped trees.

S 9th and S Ridgewood

This house is normally a fantastic show. When we went by to photograph it though, all the stuff was set up but the lights were off. If you’re in the area and you feel like Santa owes you a favor, make a wish and you might just get a Christmas miracle. No promises though.

N Cheyenne and N 43rd

These people are all about the tree wrapping. Last year Santa was parked outside taking requests from neighborhood kids.

N 53rd and N Winnifred

There are a few nice houses to look at along the main drag in Ruston and it’s definitely worth swinging by if you’re heading up to Zoolights at Point Defiance.

Thank you to everyone who submitted their favorites!