Everything You Need to Know About the Tacoma Night Market’s New Home

The Tacoma Night Market is no longer happening at the Drake building on Pac Ave. But fear not! They got a new permanent spot at Alma Mater and it’s gonna be better than ever.

To kick off the new location with a proper celebration, November’s Night Market will actually be two nights, Friday the 23rd and Saturday the 24th. Since it’s a new venue with a different arrangement, we thought we’d share some details to help you navigate the party.

  • Fawcett Hall will hold the bulk of the vendors but there will also be booths set up outside on the covered courtyard as well as the main entrance foyer.
  • Honey will be open for the whole event until 10pm and Matriarch will be open 4-12.
  • If you want to drink at the Night Market, there will be a bar conveniently located in Fawcett Hall.
  • If you’re boozing at Matriarch, you won’t be able to bring the cocktail glasses out. You’ll understand if you’ve been there. They’re fancy AF.
  • Drinks from Honey should be fine wherever but respect the workers and bring them back when you’re done.
  • Mix Poke Truck and Mystery Bay Seafood will be on scene in addition to food from Alma Mater to keep you well nourished.

There will be a similar number of vendors at the new spot. Here are a few to look for this time:

The Liz Rocks Foundation will be doing a silent auction on Friday with all kinds of awesome gear, gifts, and experiences up for grabs. If you’ve never heard of them, you should definitely check them out. Great people doing cool stuff for a solid cause right here in Tacoma.

There will be live music in Honey both nights with a DJ in Fawcett Hall:

  • Friday: Colin Scott Reynolds
  • Saturday: Nathaniel Dybevik
  • Both nights: Brandonious Funk

Since it started last summer, a lot of people had been asking if the Night Market would be year-round. Because the old location had technically been up for sale, the market’s longevity was up in the air. That was the main reason for the move. The whole mission of Alma Mater as a collaborative space and arts incubator also fit well with the community of the Night Market.

If you’re interested in being a vendor at the next market, you can submit an application here. If you already applied and didn’t make it in, don’t give up! Sometimes it’s just a matter of space or keeping a balance of vendor types. You can only have so many jewelers or ceramicists at one time. So keep applying and make sure your display is on point.

December’s Night Market will be on the 22nd and January will be on the 12th. From February on, it’ll be on the third Saturday of every month. And just in case you need more cool people and things in your life, there will be a Gig Harbor Night Market starting December 2nd. After their kick-off event on the 2nd, the Gig Harbor market will take place the first Saturday of every month.

We’re pretty pumped about it and we hope you are too. We’ll be there so be sure to stop by our table and say hello.

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