We’ve Got Your Tacoma Labor Day Staycation Plans Sorted

Labor Day traffic sucks. Avoid the RVs, regular congestion, and I-5 chaos (screw I-90 too, while we’re at it) by taking the side streets and staying local. Here’s our guide to skirting the inevitable traffic nightmare and doing your long Tacoma weekend good and proper.


  1. GTFO of work, middle fingers blazing. Screw those guys (for the next three days).
  2. Grab a beer at 7 Seas and dream about how sweet it’s gonna be some day when that rooftop area is a big open air beer garden.
  3. Bob’s Comedy Jive is hosting Fishin’ For Bits. Bob’s Java Jive is pretty fucking weird, but if you’ve never been, this is the perfect excuse.


  1. Get in touch with the PNW of yesteryear, thanks to Crafts of the Past at Fort Nisqually. Buy fresh eggs from heritage birds while you’re there.
  2. Take a fucking nap. Enjoy the hell out of it.
  3. Night Market, hell ya!
    • Come see us for a free koozie if you buy any drink at the bar, and help support PNW nonprofits.
    • Pick up your pre-ordered hard copy magazine and get your name on the list for #2!


  1. Get caffeinated at Bluebeard coffee. Here’s why we, and a lot of other folks, love it.
  2. Amp up your Tacoma photo game. Get all those Instagram hearts flooding your way.
  3. Finish the day off with a Labor Day Dance Party at Jazzbones.


  1. Seriously? Sleep in. Dooo it, your Tuesday self will thank you.
  2. Get out on the water. You’ve been meaning to do it all summer and you’re all out of excuses.
  3. Stress out about the post-holiday commute. Pay your damn bills. Fold the laundry. Be glad you’re not stuck in traffic still having to do all these things.

Photos by Sierra Hartman

Underwater photo by Dean Burke

Bob’s Comedy Jive poster by Taylor Bonzer

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