How Do Tacoma’s Other Stairs Stack up Against a Stadium Bowl Run?

There’s no denying that Stadium Bowl is the Granddaddy of all Tacoma stair runs. Among those intrepid souls who willingly put themselves through the ordeal of running the stairs at Stadium Bowl, there are none more hardcore than the racers of Unleashed at Stadium Bowl. Here’s the raw data according to the event organizers:

The race will cover the entire Stadium Bowl, ‘weaving the stairs’ by running up one staircase, and down the other. Total steps climbed 814, total descended 814 for a grand total of 1,628 steps. Double the pain and double the glory by choosing the 2 Lap Option for a grand total of 3,256 steps!

That’s a total elevation gain—and loss—of 512 feet or 1,024’ for the two-lap crazies.

Just for kicks (or to make you feel like more of a badass if you’re already signed up for the race), we’ve compiled a list of other Tacoma stairs along with the number of laps you’d have to run to equal one full lap at Stadium Bowl.

Spanish Steps: 64 steps 12.7 laps

7 Seas back entrance: 78 steps 10.4 laps

Murray Morgan Bridge: 131 steps 6.2 laps

E 34th St. off Portland Ave: 162 steps 5 laps

UWT: 85 steps 9.5 laps

Museum of Glass: 97 steps 8.4 laps

Point Ruston: 16 steps 50 laps

If you’re having a “been there, done that” feeling right now, you could try doing 18 stadium laps instead. That’s the rough equivalent of a typical Mt. Rainier summit expedition (Paradise Lodge to summit and back). Of course, you’d have the advantage of doing it all at sea level instead of starting at 5,400’. It’s still a shit load of steps though.

Stadium Bowl photo by Stephan Shimshock

Spanish Steps photo via Wikimedia Commons

All other photos by Sierra Hartman

  1. What a fantastic article! I’m a race volunteer and can tell you that there’s nothing like Unleashed at Stadium Bowl, if you do the equivalent laps on the other stairs.

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