Tacoma As a Stage: Yogini Lauren Scolari

Browse through Instagram pics of Tacoma and you might just find Lauren Scolari in an impossible pose on Owen Beach.

Impressed by this local “yogini” and body artist, we asked Lauren to head downtown to collaborate on images using some of our city’s iconic landmarks as a backdrop.

Lauren transplanted to Tacoma from Texas five years ago, at which point she hadn’t yet even begun practicing yoga.

Looking to recover both physically and mentally from an unplanned c-section, she struck her first Asana pose four years ago and hasn’t stopped since. Lauren has not only amassed an Instagram following of over 15,000 fans, but started her own business as a personal trainer.

For good measure we invited Chris Gonzalez of AnotherWay2Fail and Senad Tiric of Sky Orca Photography to also capture Lauren and her acroyoga partner Jeremy Almeda.

Here’s Chris’ video take on the shoot:

And a few of Senad’s excellent photos:

You’re welcome to connect with Lauren via her site, Instagram, and Facebook. Many thanks to her, as well as her acroyoga partner Jeremy Almeda for sharing their talents with us.

Chris and Senad both have more work up on their Instagram pages, so be sure to check them out as well!

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