Here’s Your Last Chance to See the Inside of the Northwest Costume Shop

Last November, an electrical fire ripped through the center of the 90 year old building on 6th Ave. that had been the home of Northwest Costume since 1982. Most of the costumes were damaged or destroyed and the business has been closed since then. Tomorrow night, though, you’ll have one last chance to visit the building before it’s sold, restored, and brought to life once again as a new business.

Toner Real Estate Solutions and the owners of Northwest Costume, Tom and Mary Johnson, will be hosting “One Last Costume Party.” The event will be celebrating the shop’s contribution to Tacoma’s 6th Ave neighborhood and give local business owners and members of the community a chance to tour the interior before being sold.

The building has been stripped down to its bare bones but, since people really knew how to build things back in the 1920s, its bare bones are actually quite attractive. The space will be staged with custom eco-chic furniture by Tree. Five12 Apparel and Tacoma Weekly will also be there providing items for various raffles. The proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society.

The fire was concentrated mainly in the center of the structure and fortunately left most of the rest of the building intact. The intricate hardwood flooring of the upstairs Avelon Ballroom is still in great shape. Since the ‘80s-era drop ceiling has been removed, the high ceilings of the downstairs space give an impressive feeling of potential for the now vacant space.

The event goes from 4-7pm Friday May 11 at 2315 6th Ave. To get on the guest list, contact Joe Toner at 253-441-5000 or Costumes are not required but hey, how many opportunities do you have to put on a costume this far from Halloween?

Images by Sierra Hartman

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