Who Sells The Most Cannabis in Tacoma?

As of 2018, Tacoma has 19 retail cannabis locations. These serve both medical cannabis patients and adults over 21 who use cannabis for recreation. The shops are highly regulated and sell a wide variety of cannabis, or marijuana, products.

Who is selling the most cannabis in Tacoma, how much excise tax are they paying to Olympia, and how do Tacoma cannabis sales stack up to the rest of the state?

Here is cannabis by the numbers according to 502data.com, for lifetime sales by businesses and using data from February 2018.

Clear Choice Cannabis has the highest total retail sales in Tacoma, at $33.5 million. As expected, they have paid the most in total excise taxes, at $12.3 million. Highway 7 comes in second, selling just over $17 million of cannabis products, and paying $6.2 million in excise taxes. World of Weed is number three at $15.5 million of cannabis products, and paying $5.7 million in excise taxes

For February alone, Clear Choice Cannabis was on top again with $1,074,840 in sales, followed by Mary Mart who sold $551,276 that month. World of Weed came in at a close third with $514,268.

Statewide, Clear Choice Cannabis ranks third in both total sales and excise taxes, behind first place Main Street Marijuana in Vancouver ($54 million in sales, $19.7 million in taxes), and Uncle Ike’s in Seattle, at $41.4 million in sales, $15 million in taxes).

Tacoma is also home to a plethora of producer/processors. The two top contenders for cannabis production and processing are Spinning Heads with $8.8 million in total sales and Ionic, with $7.5 million in total sales to date.

That’s a lot of happy customers.

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Illustrations by Nina Hartman

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