Washington, Oregon, and Canada Walked Into a Bar. Things Got Hairy.

Hit up The Airport Tavern on South Tacoma Way on any given night and you’re likely to spot a beard or two. Happen by when the Grit City Society of Beards (Grit City SOBS) is putting on a competition and you’re in for a show.

We stopped in to check out the Tacomans representing Washington State in a battle against Oregon and beyond and were not disappointed. Take a peek at the chaos and competition…

After inspection by the judges, rounds of chants for contests to take off their pants, cheers, jeers, and dozens of beers, the winners were chosen.

The results in each category…


  1. Sgt. Andrew Cole (Canadian Mountie) BC
  2. Stump (Bob Belcher of Bob’s Burgers) Tacoma GCSOBs
  3. Papa Schweebs (Giant glasses and plaid jacket) OR

Men’s Build-a-Beard

  1. Danny Buche (Seed packets and flowers) OR
  2. Jay Wilson (Underwater scene) OR
  3. Flesh Muppet (Satan’s backside) Seattle, WA

6″ and under

  1. “Sexy Jesus” from OR
  2. Matthew Carter (neon shorts) Tacoma, WA
  3. Mike “Kid Canadian” (Maple leaf jacket) BC


  1. Gandhi Jones (Satan’s front side) Seattle, WA
  2. Chris Jensen (glasses, arm tattoos) OR
  3. Jimmy Motherfuckin’ Jones (Long red beard, red underwear) OR


  1. Loraine Gray (electric beard) OR
  2. Lauren Hennekke (natural-looking beard) )OR
  3. Mallory Carter (bubblegum beard) OR

Over 6” full beard

  1. Clinton Henneke (floral print shirt) OR
  2. “Nice Nick” Ackerman (starfish over hat) WA
  3. Evil Nate (white tie) Tacoma GCSOBs

In the end it was Oregon who pulled out the overall win, taking home multiple Rainier can trophies, a sizable yard glass trophy, and bragging rights.

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Images by Sierra Hartman

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