Food, Fun, and a Salvage Art Competition: Your Saturday Plans are Sorted

On any given day a visit to Earthwise Architectural Salvage means combing through vintage treasures, hunting for the perfect piece, and dreaming up DIY creations. Saturday, May 5, it’ll be all the regular fun plus food, live music, a sculpture competition, and more.

There’s a Salvage Art Show going on and you’ve got a chance to win $100 gift card to help make your remodel dreams a reality.

Ever see that Iron Chef show where contestants are surprised by the ingredients they’re given to create a dish that will impress the judges? This “Iron Art” competition is similar, except instead of lemons, escargot, or balut, you might find bits of decorative moulding, antique electrical hardware, and maybe even a foundry mold or two*.

Take a look at a member of the Earthwise staff giving it a go with a sample set of materials:

The best handyman, handywoman, or handyteam (consisting of up to three participants) you know can compete by registering via EventBrite.

Apart from the competition all are welcome to join the celebration kicking off Historic Preservation Month. Come shop tables set up by local artists, browse the store, and enjoy live music. Admission is free! The fun runs 11am to 3pm. Competition kicks off at 1pm. Mind the potholes and head to 628 E. 60th St. Tacoma, WA 98404.

Here’s where to find out more:

Know a group or artist who works in recycled materials, adaptive reuse, or another such environmental-friendly vein? Point them here to register for a FREE table at the show!

*Exact materials are up to event coordinators and will be revealed at the start of the competition.

Images by Sierra Hartman

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