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A Look at Easter Sunday in Tacoma History

The way Easter is celebrated changes a little from place to place and from year to year. We took a look at the image archives at the Tacoma Public Library to see how things have changed through the years here in Tacoma.

In the 1940s Brown & Haley touted their Almond Roca as the perfect gift for Easter. The factory still produces candy today, from their location at 110 E 26th St.

Rather than dyeing Easter eggs and eating candy, first grade students in 1943 took lessons on how to cook while the country was at war. Barbara Johnson is seen here pointing to directions for making hot cocoa.

Sunrise services were held at the Star-Lite Drive-In Theater on South Tacoma Way in 1957, allowing worshipers to listen to service without leaving the comfort of their cars.

After Mrs. McGregor’s handcrafted Christmas decorations earned high praise from her neighbors she took on the challenge of creating something for Easter. Here she’s pictured with the 3-foot tall rabbit she created using wire, cotton, and paraffin in 1952.

Easter service is underway in 1937 at Christ Episcopal Church. The boy’s choir sang at two services that day in the K Street location.

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