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5 Wild Animal Rescue Resources Helping Tacoma’s Critters

While most of us think first of The Humane Society when it comes to a lost pet, what’s someone in Tacoma to do when they find a more unusual critter in need of help?

It’s not everyday someone finds a baby opossum, squirrel, owl or injured hummingbird, but browsing through some of Tacoma’s community Facebook groups proves it’s not highly unusual either.

Depending on what part of Pierce County you’re in, there are a number of options to help residents in assisting our local wildlife.

Paws in Lynwood, WA

(425) 412-4040

Along with offering advice on what to do if you find a wild animal, Paws has trained staff members available by phone to help you determine if a critter you’ve come across needs help and what to do next.

Those curious about the types of animals they help can check out their patient of the week posts. Recent entries include a Harbor Seal that was attacked by a dog, a Spotted Towhee that tangled with a cat, and a Long-eared Owl that flew into a window.

A Soft Place To Land in Graham, WA

(360) 761-2915

This wildlife rehabilitation center opened in 2016, and also offers advice by phone. Facebook fans have been quick to praise A Soft Place to Land, sharing stories of how they helped with tiny squirrels, a wayward owl, and a deer that had been shot with an arrow.

For Heaven’s Sake in Olympia, WA

(360) 273-0550

Dedicated to rescuing, renewing and releasing injured or orphaned animals back to their natural habitats, For Heaven’s Sake serves Olympia and beyond.

Apparent fans of alliteration when it comes to naming, this organization features success stories about Doedie Doe Deer and Cody Coyote, while they continue to work with Barklee the Beaver.

Puget Sound WildCare in Kent, WA

(360) 886-8917

If you’re closer to Kent and come across a critter that is ill or has been injured or orphaned, Puget Sound WildCare is available to help. Along with helping a variety of animals they’re working on building a special nursery to help the near 100 raccoons that arrive at their facility each year.

Get more info about bringing in a critter on their Found An Animal? page.

West Sound Wildlife Shelter on Bainbridge Island, WA

(206) 855-9057

The goal of West Sound Wildlife Shelter is to help humans and animals live in harmony, which means providing both animal rehabilitation and education services.

In addition to offering advice on what to do if you find a baby animal, they have resources for dealing with raccoons and coyotes. Found out more about their education programs here, and in the video below.


Know of another great wildlife rescue resource in our area? Spread the word by leaving a comment below.

Images by Sierra Hartman

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