Where to Go for the Best Christmas Light Displays in Tacoma 2017

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Decorating for the holidays has become less common in recent years and for a place like Tacoma that’s a real shame. With all our grey and rainy days, we need as many Christmas lights as possible to twinkle through the gloom of winter. Luckily not everyone has given up the tradition. There are still a few people who go all out during the holiday season.

With those people in mind, we created a holiday route through tacoma to see five of the best holiday light displays we could find. Grab some hot chocolate or your favorite holiday drink, take a drive, and get in the holiday spirit!

You can follow this convenient map or jump in at whatever point is closest to you.

Got another good spot or neighborhood to check out? Let us know in the comments below!

BONUS TIP: If you’re left wanting even more Christmas lights, the last stop of this tour will put you right near Point Defiance Zoolights!

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