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The Path Less Beaten: Peach Creek Shortcut

  • Trailhead: 47°12’1.34″N 122°32’26.06″W 
  • Length: .3 miles
  • Overgrowth: 1
  • Difficulty: Moderate

This is one of those paths you usually only find by accident. You could walk right past the trailhead and never know it was there. I only discovered it when climbing out of Chambers Creek canyon after exploring the trail from Kobayashi Park. There’s a small turnout on Chambers Creek Rd. at the north end of the Peach Creek bridge just east of the Charles Wright Academy. The trails leading out of Kobayashi Park are totally worth exploring but if you’d rather skip the rough spots, this is a great alternative.

As the name suggests, it’s a short cut to the end of the more well worn trails along Chambers Creek and the nice rocky beaches that most people never make it to. Taking this way down is about half the distance and significantly easier since you only have to cross one small creek. It’s also a beautiful walk on its own.

From the turnout, the trail drops down to a switch back and takes you under the bridge over Peach Creek. Shortly after that you’ll find an enormous 200 foot pipe stretching across the canyon. Buried in the dense maple forest, you’d never know it was there unless you were standing right next to it. After that, the trail winds along the edge of the canyon before sloping down to the confluence with Chambers Creek. Once you’re at the creek you can go left to find the beaches and the big fallen redwood or right to explore more of the no-man’s-land between Kobayashi and the Chambers Creek Trail.

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